How to Join

We welcome prospective members to attend a maximum of two meetings as a visitor before making any financial commitment. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month for breakfast on a Tuesday at 07.15 am – 09.00 am at the Red Lion Pub, Horndean.

The Solent Networkers group works on the basis of accepting 1 of each type of business with the focus on building good relationships between each other. The aim is that each member is comfortable with recommending each other to their client base as and when an opportunity arises. Trust is a very important aspect of networking and many of our members have been with the group from the beginning.

  •  Our meetings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 07.15 am – 09.00 am at the Red Lion Pub, Horndean.
  •  Comprising of 13 – 20 professional firms ALL essential to moving other businesses on to their next level. 
  •  Disciplines: [1 only of each] 

Administration, Commercial Solicitors,  Chartered Accountants,  Marketing & Website Design,  Pension Consultants,  Commercial Photography,  Fire Detection,  Commercial Lender,  Independent Financial Adviser,  Computer and Networking Service,  Architect,  Commercial Property Adviser,  Commercial Insurance,  Independent Financial Advisor,  Office Equipment Supplier, Office Stationery,  Printing,  Business Coach and  Commercial Security.

  • Promotional and educational opportunities at every meeting.
  • Monthly charge by standing order of £20 to pay for breakfasts for members and the guest speakers, website and marketing to potential clients – first payment of £40 and standing order commences third month following joining.
  • Members may send a substitute if they are unavailable [non-attendance for three consecutive meetings will be deemed to be retirement from the group]. 
  • Members are encouraged to market the group and to refer inwards to the group whenever possible [no statistics will be kept on this].


Then contact:-Natalie Kramer -Tri-Synergy Marketing 023 9248 0082

Or download the pdf about The Solent Networkers and our Terms and Conditions here.